Vapor Giant V2.5 Giant

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, RTA

32,5 mm


56 mm


189 g


The V2.5 Giant is the V2 Giant's face lift.

The height-adjustable atomizer chamber of the V2.5 Giant guarantees true variety. The air flow can be regulated by grub screws in the base. A top fill system is used to fill the V2.5 Giant. Technically, the V2.5 Giant is a different size than the V2.5 Mini. With a 32.5 mm diameter, the tank has a large capacity. The atomizer chamber and wicking base are the same size as in the V2.5 Mini though.


We changed the design of the atomizer chamber
The 510 positive pole pin is made of stainless steel (no more oxidation)
The 32.5 mm Vapor Giant can be ordered with either a glass or polycarbonate tank
The drip tip is now shorter, with a new design
We also changed the packaging
Every atomizer now includes wicking instructions

Technical details


Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, RTA

Height (without drip tip)

56 mm

Weight (without drip tip)

Glass tank: ca. 189 g
Polycarbonate tank: ca. 140 g

Tank capacity

Glass tank: 10,0 ml
Polycarbonate tank: 17,0 ml

Atomizer Thread

510 thread with adjustable centre pin


Length: approx. 28 mm (22.5 mm visible when attached)
External diameter: approx. 12 mm (top)
Internal diameter: approx. 9 mm (bottom 6 mm)

Air flow adjustment

4 air holes with 3mm diameter in the base that can be closed individually


Atomizer: Stainless steel
Glass tank: Quartz glass
Polycarbonate tank: Polycarbonate
Isolators: PEEK