Bitte tragen Sie Ihre Seriennummer und Authentifizierungsnummer mit ; getrennt ein. (z.B. 123;123456)
Please enter your serial number and authentication number separated by ; (e.g. 123;123456)

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Where can I find the serial number and authentication number?

Serial number and authentication number are lasered on the atomizer.
The exact position is shown on the product packaging, but can usually be found on the Airflow Ring/Shield.

The serial number is a consecutive no. and can be 1 digit to 5 digits.
The authentication number is a 6-digit or 8-digit randomly generated number.

My atomizer does not have an authentication number. Is it genuine?

The Vapor Giant authentication number was introduced in 2020 with the Extreme 2.
Also the V6 2020 Editions and Kronos 2 2021 Editions, as well as all subsequent models from 2021 have this authentication possibility.

Older vaporizers ONLY have a sequential serial number laser etched. (With the exception of the Kronos 2, more on that in the next section).
If you want to verify the authenticity of an older Vapor Giant atomizer, contact our support and provide (sharp) photos of the logo engraving and laser markings.

My Kronos 2 has an authentication number. ...but it is not recognized here!

The 2019 Kronos 2 (not the 2020 edition) was the first Vapor Giant atomizer with an authentication number.
However, instead of the randomly generated number, this 8-digit code has been generated based on various parameters.

You can recognize this code by the dots after every second digit (example:

Matching with this database can only be done manually by our support team.
Please contact us directly. We will process your request as soon as possible.

Nope! Thats not correct! ...what does that mean?

This message appears if your combination of serial no. and authentication no. does not exist in the database.

Please check if you have entered the numbers correctly.
The formatting is: Serial-number;Authentication-number.
Both numbers are entered ONLY separated by a ; (without spaces).
Example 123;123456 or 1234;12345678

If the message appears even when entered correctly, there is a strong suspicion that your atomizer is not an original Vapor Giant.
Please contact support (preferably with sharp photos of the logo engraving and numbers).

WARNING! This Number has been checked more than 2 times... what does that mean?

If you have tested your number several times yourself, there is no need to worry. For safety, each valid number can be tested only twice before this message appears.

However, if you have entered the number for the first time, there are two possible reasons for this message.

1. You have bought the atomizer second-hand and the previous owner has already done this check several times. So your atomizer COULD be an original Vapor Giant despite this message.

…if you bought the atomizer new though….

2. Your atomizer is NOT an original Vapor Giant and the replica manufacturer has copied these numbers from an original and used it for all his copies.

To make sure if your Vapor Giant is an original, contact support with this message and provide (sharp) photos of the logo engraving and numbers.


Are the authentication requests stored?

Yes! Our system stores the date, IP address and browser info for each number query.
This allows the system to activate a warning when a number is requested more than twice.

No personal info like name or address is stored.

You can find more information on our privacy policy page.